Katarzyna Gott, Maciej Szostak, Incest. Criminological studies

Katarzyna Gott, Maciej Szostak, Incest. Criminological studies


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    Even though I have read and appreciated some previous articles and books
    by both the authors, the latest one on the subject of incest is in my
    opinion nothing short of astonishing. The range of the documentation,
    but fi rst of all the accurate and thorough way of approaching every
    aspect of that troubling phenomenon: incest, make the book not just a
    mere criminological study, as the title would let one to
    believe.Surpassing the barriers of individual, cultural, moral and
    traditional taboos surrounding incest, the authors successfully go to
    the very roots of the facts, dissecting them from every possible
    scientifi c angle, analysing and explaining the occurrence of incest,
    the favourable conditions, the traditions leading to it, the
    victim-to-be features, the social, psychological and criminological
    implications.Prof. Sorin Alamoreanu, Ph.D.

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