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    The monograph deals with theoretical and conceptual, methodological and practical aspects of innovative development of national economies based on the cluster approach. Based on the generalisation of the world and European experience, the strategic role of cluster structures for economic growth and ensuring the competitiveness of national economies at the global level is proven. The features of cluster policy formation of the EU countries in the conditions of the network and intellectual economy development are considered. The problems and prospects of clusters development in Ukraine are defined. Specific criteria for the formation of Ukrainian cluster associations according to the best EU practices are proposed. A conceptual and methodological model for evaluating the synergetic effects of cluster structures is proposed. The innovative and institutional prerequisites for the formation and development of cluster structures in Ukraine, taking into account the economic policy of the European Union’s clustering, are analysed. Based on the segmental analysis of industry clusters initiatives in Ukraine, a cluster model of structural transformation and competitive development of strategically important industries for the country’s economy is proposed. Based on the study of state and prospects of regional clusters’ development, developed recommendations for the use of the cluster approach in the formation of regional policy, in particular, in the Ukrainian black sea region and the Odesa region. A set of measures developed for the formation and development of transport and logistics clusters, which are related to infrastructure-type clusters and are of primary importance for the development of the national economy. Recommendations for building an effective delivery system based on clustering of the city territory are given. An ecological and innovative model of cluster interaction between transport and industry in the information economy is proposed. This monograph is for scientists, teachers, students of economic specialities, entrepreneurs, state and regional authorities’ representatives and other interested persons

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    ISBN/ISSN: 978-83-60038-76-5