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Need a book to help you successfully pass the exam? Do you want to surprise your promoter with an article found in a specialized database? Or maybe you just want to use the Internet?

Jeżeli, na którekolwiek z zadanych powyżej pytań odpowiedź brzmi TAK
- zapraszamy Cię w progi Biblioteki Akademii Mieszko!


Everything you need You will find in our catalog!

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Usługi biblioteki PAM


Lending (presentation in the reading room, home), bibliographic and information services, sale of books by ANSM Publishing House


Photocopying (copying books under the terms of copyright and related rights) and printing from a computer
photocopying - PLN 0,20 / a4,
printing - PLN 0,30 / a4


Internet access, access to the electronic catalog of the library
    access to databases, contact via e-mail


Training in the use of the ANSM library catalog, training in the use of catalogs and text and bibliographic databases

We provide our readers with access to literature that meets the research and teaching needs of the university. We also offer the possibility of searching databases available on fifteen computers in the reading room. To make it easier for you to find the sources of knowledge you need, we have also placed the student's e-helper on our website. There you will find links to various types of dictionaries, atlases, as well as to the manuals for our on-line catalog.

You should also pay attention to the rules of using the Library.

Check your library website as often as possible to stay up to date on any news.

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    Below you will find, among others, information about databases, catalogs of other libraries, a list of traditional and on-line journals, you will learn the structure of the collections, as well as very useful information on bibliography.

                                                                  Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Poznaniu
                                                                  ul. Ratajczaka 38/40
                                                                  61-816 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon:  (061) 829-38-17
                                                                  Email: library@amu.edu.pl

                                                                  Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Poznaniu
                                                                  Ul. Przybyszewskiego 37a
                                                                  60-356 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon:  (061) 854-67-59
                                                                  E-mail: bg@ump.edu.pl

                                                                  Biblioteka Główna Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego w Poznaniu
                                                                  Ul. Droga Dębińska 10c
                                                                  61-555 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon:  (061) 835-50-74
                                                                  Email: biblioteka@klio.awf.poznan.pl

                                                                  Biblioteka Raczyńskich w Poznaniu
                                                                  Budynek główny
                                                                  Plac Wolności 19
                                                                  61-739 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon:  (061) 852-94-42
                                                                  Email: sekret@bracz.edu.pl

                                                                  Katalogi, Czytelnia, Wypożyczalnia
                                                                  Ul. Święty Marcin 65
                                                                  61-806 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon:  (061) 853-66-55
                                                                  Email: infor@bracz.edu.pl

                                                                  Publiczna Biblioteka Pedagogiczna w Poznaniu
                                                                  Ul. Bułgarska 19
                                                                  60-320 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon: (061) 851-88-01
                                                                  Email: info@pbp.poznan.pl

                                                                  Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna i Centrum Animacji Kultury w Poznaniu
                                                                  Ul. Bolesława Prusa 3
                                                                  60-819 Poznań
                                                                  Telefon: (061) 664-08-50
                                                                  Email: wypozyczalnia@wbp.poznan.pl

                                                                  Alma Mater demonstrates understanding of the needs of the library and its users, provides the possibility of planned collection, systematic purchases, which results in a gradual increase in the number of collections. The library also exchanges the Academy's own publications with other research libraries.
                                                                  Gifts play an extremely important role in shaping the profile and meteorism of our resources, especially in the field of the humanities. The books obtained in this way enrich the collections with titles that are no longer available on the book and antiquities market, but are important from the point of view of the Academy's research and teaching tasks.
                                                                  Our donors
                                                                  Prof. zw. dr hab. Zygmunt Przybylsk, Szanowna Pani Helena Wiegner, Prof. dr hab. Idzi Siatkowski, Prof. dr hab. Benon Bromberek, Prof. dr hab. Bogusław Waligóra, Mgr Wojciech Walkowiak, Dr Jacek Pokładecki,  Ks. Kanonik Władysław Kasprzak - Proboszcz Parafii pw. Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa w Nowym Tomyślu, Prof. dr hab. Zygfryd Siwik, mgr Dorota Kubiak-Pokrzywniak, Dr Zenon Kierczyński, Dr Joanna Niczyperowicz-Kosmowska, Prof. dr hab. Jan Sandorski, Szanowny Pan Krzysztof Błażejak
                                                                  We wholeheartedly thank all the donors we know by name, as well as these anonymous friends!
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                                                                  wtorek 8:00 do 15:00
                                                                  środa 8:00 do 15:00
                                                                  czwartek nieczynne
                                                                  piątek 8:00 do 15:00
                                                                  sobota 8:00 do 15:00
                                                                  niedziela 8:00 do 14:00

                                                                   ul. Świerzawska 18, pokój 024